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The R.J. McCarthy award’s objective is to encourage initiatives that improve, develop and enhance aspects of Catholic education that contribute to the whole person.

Such initiatives would complement the central curricular program of the school or Board, and reflect the mission and goals of that Catholic school community. In this year of Pope Francis’
groundbreaking encyclical, Laudato Si, the review committee for the McCarthy award will take a particular interest in those proposals that have an environmental and/or social justice focus.

Who Can Apply

The grant may be provided to a School Board, secondary school or an elementary school.

Example Initiatives

Examples of initiatives that could be supported are as follows. Please note these are suggestions; possibilities are not at all limited:

a. A program aimed at developing and enhancing the leadership skills of students.
b. A program to develop and encourage student activities that enhance relationship between the
school, the local PARISH and the relevant general public community, particularly the
economically disadvantaged and socially marginalized.
c. A program to develop appropriate social action/justice activities involving students, staff and
parents (develop organizing skills, techniques, abilities to manage and evaluate).
d. A program to enhance the abilities of regular subject teachers to teach & exemplify our
Catholic Faith both specifically and through regular academic work.

Activities not Supported

a. Purchase of capital equipment, e.g. computers, furniture, buses, etc.
b. Provision of services, personnel or items normally provided through the Board’s or school’s
c. Provisions of uniforms or equipment for sports teams
d. Provision of funds to enhance any fund-raising activities within the school