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2023 Carty Award

Deadline: March 31, 2023

Application Form:
Michael Carty Award Application Form


Each year the Catholic Education Foundation of Ontario may award grants to secondary or elementary schools up to a maximum of $2,000.00 per school. The total value of all grants cannot exceed $10,000.00 designated to support initiatives in the Catholic schools of Ontario.

The objective is to encourage initiatives that improve, develop and enhance aspects of Catholic education that contribute to the whole person. Such initiatives would complement the central curricular program of the school or Board, and reflect the mission and goals of that Catholic school community.


Examples of initiatives that could be supported would be as follows, but possibilities are not at all limited:

a. A program aimed at developing and enhancing the leadership skills of students.
b. A program to develop and encourage student activities that enhance relationship between the school, the local PARISH and the relevant general public community, particularly the economically disadvantaged and socially marginalized.
c. A program to develop appropriate social action/justice activities involving students, staff and parents (develop organizing skills, techniques, abilities to manage and evaluate).
d. A program to enhance the abilities of regular subject teachers to teach & exemplify our Catholic Faith both specifically and through regular academic work.

Activities Not Supported

Activities not supported will include:

a. Purchase of capital equipment, e.g. Computers, furniture, buses, etc.
b. Provision of services, personnel or items normally provided through the Board’s or school’s budget
c. Provisions of uniforms or equipment for sports teams
d. Provision of funds to enhance any fund-raising activities within the school


The grant may be provided to a School Board, secondary school or an elementary school.

Application Procedures

a. Applications for the awards must be received by March 31, 2023 for an initiative to be undertaken in the next school year.
b. Applications will be made on a form provided by CEFO that will require a thorough rationale for the initiative and a clear plan for introduction, development, implementation and evaluation of the project. All required signatures must be present when submitted.
c. Applications will be reviewed by the CEFO Carty Award Committee and projects assessed. The Committee will make recommendations to the Board of Directors.
d. All applicants will be informed of the outcome of their applications within 3 weeks of the CEFO’s Board of Directors decision. (Usually in the beginning of June)

Repeat Applications

a. Projects will be supported only once (e.g. A school that receives funding for a leadership development program for its student council would not be funded for the same program the following year)
b. Applications will be considered for 2 year funding for a project developed for a 2 year period
c. Applications not awarded a grant in the previous year can be resubmitted in the following year.


Funds approved by the CEFO Board of Directors will be issued after the decision is made. A formal presentation of the Awards will be made to a representative of each recipient at the Fr. Fogarty Awards Dinner held on Saturday, October 28th, 2023 at the Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel.


a. CEFO reserves the right not to provide grants in any year

b. CEFO reserves the right to halt the award program at any time

c. It is understood that in supporting any educational activity CEFO is not assuming any responsibility for the conduct of that activity or its outcomes