2022 Carty Award

Deadline: March 31, 2022 English: Michael Carty Award Criteria & Procedures Michael Carty Award Application Form Objective Each year the Catholic Education Foundation of Ontario (CEFO) may award grants to secondary or elementary schools up to a maximum of $2,000.00 per school. The total value of … Read More

2022 Monk Award

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Deadline: March 31, 2022 English: Michael Monk Award Criteria & Procedures Michael Monk Award Application Form Rationale In recognition of Michael Monk’s 40 years of service to Catholic education, locally, provincially, and internationally, this award honors a Catholic elementary or secondary school that has led the … Read More

2021 Carty and Monk Award Winners

THANK YOU to all schools for their submissions for the CEFO 2021 CEFO Michael Carty and Michael Monk Awards. The awards committee thoroughly reviewed and discussed many fine submissions and applications for an award this year. Selecting the finalists for 2021 was very difficult indeed. Decisions … Read More

2021 CPCO Award

Deadline: September 1, 2021 Application Form Application form will be sent directly to Principals/School Boards through CPCO on June 1st. Criteria The Catholic Principals’ Council Ontario Student Scholarship is presented to a graduating student who best exemplifies strength and passion in the areas of service, advocacy … Read More

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