In recognition of Michael Monk’s 40 years of service to Catholic education, locally, provincially, and internationally, this award honors a Catholic elementary or secondary school that has led the way by implementing exemplary innovative program(s) to improve the learning of their students. The award recipient must display a sustained commitment to existing student engagement through a new initiative designed to further engage its student community.

This award is jointly funded and administered by the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association and the Catholic Education Foundation of Ontario. For 2017-18, the award is set at $4000.00.

Criteria to be Considered

  • The students served by the school community or served by this specific initiative are economically and/or socially challenged.
  • This is a new/distinct initiative rather than being added to a project that is already funded/partially funded by the school/board.
  • The new initiative assists in building Christian community within the school.

The new initiative acts as a model for others which could be replicated in other school communities.

Application Process

Applications for the awards must be received by APRIL 3, 2018, for an initiative to be undertaken in the following school year.

b. Applications forms, provided by the Catholic Education Foundation of Ontario, will require a thorough/detailed rationale for the initiative and a clear/specific plan for introduction, development, implementation and evaluation of the project. A video profile showcasing the initiative is required. All required signatures must be present on submission.

c. Applications will be reviewed and projects assessed, by the CEFO-OECTA Michael Monk Award Committee. The Committee will be composed of 4 members, equally represented of the Catholic Education Foundation of Ontario and the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association. OECTA will present the award, following approval of the Board of Directors of CEFO and the OECTA Provincial Executive.

d. All applicants will be informed of the outcome of their applications within 3 weeks of the CEFO’s Board of Directors decision. This will occur no later than June 8th.