The Catholic Education Foundation of Ontario exists to promote Catholic Education in Ontario.


CEFO recognizes and promotes:

  •  the distinctive contribution of Catholic Education to society;
  •  the rights and obligations of parents as primary educators;
  •  the pastoral responsibilities of the Church;
  •  the duty of the state to promote the temporal welfare;
  •  the competencies of professional educators and elected representatives;
  •  the accomplishments of educators and students in Catholic school


Reflecting its Mission Statement, the Catholic Education Foundation of Ontario shall pursue the following objectives:

  • To support organizations that work to enhance the education and leadership skills of Catholic teachers, and the development of Catholic curriculum;
  • To promote leadership development of Catholic school students;
  • To promote research in Catholic Education;
  • To promote the production of materials in the history of Catholic Education in Ontario;
  • To cooperate in the publication and dissemination of books and materials that pertain to Catholic Education;
  • To sponsor the annual Fr. Patrick Fogarty Awards Dinner to celebrate excellence in Catholic schools and to raise funds;
  • To recognize significant achievements of students in Catholic schools;
  • To recognize exemplary contributions to Catholic Education in Ontario;
  • To receive donations and bequests and to raise funds to support Catholic Education.